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Hey everyone,

I have been posting from my own domain this means YOU WILL NOT SEE ANY NEW POSTS FROM ME ON THE WORDPRESS PLATFORM!!! I encourage you to SUBSCRIBE so you can stay in the know. I don’t spam people, that is so whack. I will send you a weekly newsletter with a giveaway (this past week was Bird of Kells earrings), each newsletter will have a link to all my posts from the week and any upcoming news.


I hope to see you all at my new place at http://www.thefairytaletraveler.com

I miss youses!


Christa, The Fairytale Traveler


Welcome to The Fairytale Traveler!

Christa Thompson 2013

Christa Thompson 2013

Hi! I’m Christa Thompson. I am no ordinary travel blogger, and you are no ordinary person if you’ve arrived here. So, welcome… to the only destination leading travel resource for all places related to legend, myth and lore.

I’m exploring everything from castles to headstones, from the forests to the seas, and places where legends of monsters and princesses hundreds of years past are still told.

I invite you to follow me on my journey as I travel to where folklore, legend and mythology come to life, in every beautiful, and every dark corner of this world. Are you with me?

This is not all glitter and unicorns, be prepared to be enchanted.

The Best of Christmas in Florida

Florida decks the halls…

Taken on Anna Maria Island just a few minutes from my home in Florida

Taken on Anna Maria Island just a few minutes from my home in Florida

Thinking of Christmas in Florida? You’re in the right place. There’s no place in America quite like Florida for Christmas. It’s warm, sunny and there’s always room in the sand for one more. So come on over to my neighborhood where we replace egg nog with margaritas and shrimp cocktail with stone crab. This is Florida living. Flip flops welcome.  Continue reading

The Dark Side of Christmas, the Legend of Krampus

You better watch out…

photo taringa.net edited by Christa Thompson

photo taringa.net edited by Christa Thompson

I’ve always been very interested in the legend of Krampus. The idea that there is this dark and ominous beast legend woven into the most jolly and beautiful time of year is curious. So, I set out to ask a few friends in my nerd circle of folklore and mythology, to see what they had to say about this mythical creature, and our friend Hannah Logan, writer of Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Travel, was delighted to share her thoughts in this guest post on old Krampus.

-Christa Thompson, The Fairytale Traveler Continue reading

Christmas Traditions in Germany

Celebrating the Christmas season in Germany

Christmas in Germany

Lately I have been really fascinated by the Christmas traditions in Germany. From the festive markets to the beautiful decor, Germany really lights up Christmas. In a way, I feel like it is the true home of Christmas tradition. So, I reached out to one of my German readers and writer of, Random Poison, who resides in Germany and asked her all about the traditions in her native home. She was nice enough to write us a guest post on the traditions throughout the season. I became immediately interested in the similarities between Germany and the U.S., but even more intrigued by the differences. I would like to share with you her post. It is about as warm and fuzzy as Christmas can get. In fact, it has inspired me to start sharing some of these traditions with my own family…

-Christa Thompson, The Fairytale Traveler  Continue reading

All About Fairytale Travel on the Irish Fireside

Get cozy by the fire…

The Fairytale Traveler tells all with Irish Fireside’s Corey Taratuta

This Christmas Miracle from WestJet Canada will Make You Cry


I won’t even downplay this with words because I would be doing this gesture a serious injustice by doing so. See for yourself what WestJet has done for their customers. Thank you WestJet for your generosity and for touching so many hearts, including my own, this Christmas.